Association News, Newsletter and Blogs

Communication to Members can be delivered in various formats:

Association Bulletins, Announcements or snippets of information can be published in date sequence.
Often the most recent News items are highlighted on the website home page, with older items or archive news stored in subsequent pages.

Personalised eMail Newsletters created using eMarketing software within the Web Application can also be published for future reference.

RSS or Syndicated News
The use of RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is an efficient way of publishing news about a specific sector, industry or field of interest.
Easy to setup and constantly updating, RSS provides Members with current, relevant news items on their Association home page.

Blogging has become widely accepted as an efficient means to communicate to a target audience. For Member based organisations Blogging provides both an effective communication channel to Members and a means to lift the profile of the organisation to a wider audience.