I wish we had online access to association documents

Association Online includes an inbuilt document management system. This allows you to store your association’s documents securely up on your website. With online access, and easy search capabilities, you may even decide to replace your file server. This is great for storing documents like polices and procedures, marketing literature, official documents, training manuals, technical documentation, financial product disclosure statements and archived publications.

In the document management system, you can control who can read, publish and approve each document or folder. Each document can be separately version controlled, and you may revert back to an earlier version at any time. You can also set document expiry dates to ensure that documents which are no longer relevant can’t be accessed.

Your public and private web pages can link to any document within the document management system. Any links will only display to authorised users, and only if the document has not yet expired. Linking to this approved version directly in the document management system ensures you don’t need to worry about reattaching files to pages every time a new version is approved.