I wish subscriptions, invoicing and purchasing were easier to manage

Managing financial transactions can be a time consuming process for any association. Creating, printing and sending invoices, sorting mail with membership registration and renewal payments, managing orders, processing credit card transactions, banking cheques – the list goes on.

The integrated payment service within Association Online makes it easier to manage financial interactions with your members and other contacts. All invoices can be created and payments made securely online, taking into account applicable membership discounts. Multiple payment types are available. Payments are sent to your financial institution through automatic payment gateways with offline processing. Receipts are automatically emailed to the purchaser.

You don’t need to intervene at all in individual transactions, but the whole transaction history is stored for easy reference should you need to refer to it. You can easily access the order history and individual transaction details for any member. You can also create consolidated reports on transactions that have occurred. For example find out “how much money Silver members have spent on training in the last year”.

You can regularly download the complete transaction list and import it into your accounting software without manual re-entry.

Membership Management

Members can join your association online using the different membership categories, types and sub-types that you’ve established. Once renewal time arrives for a member, they are automatically emailed your renewal reminder. And of course, members can renew and be invoiced online.

You can easily see how memberships and renewals are tracking. You can access reports showing how many of the different membership types are being purchased, who’s coming up for renewal and who hasn’t renewed.

As an optional service, you can also offer pay-by-the-month membership.

Online Store

With a searchable online store, we make it easy for you to offer your publications and merchandise online. You can configure payment methods, freight and tax rates, allowing contacts and members to make purchases using a secure shopping cart whenever they want.

As an optional service, you can allow selection of accessories and sizes in your online store.

Standard Services

For standard Association Online services such as events and conferences, payments are automatically integrated. Invoices can be created and emailed from within the website and stored for future reference.

Optional Services

Past the core payment services, you can add extra options at installation such as gift and incentive vouchers, and eBook payments:

A donations option can be added at any time.