I wish I could target my marketing better and keep track of marketing

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find out how well memberships for a particular category were tracking compared to 2 years ago? Or to find contacts that had been to more than 3 events that weren’t members?

Would you like to send a communication to all members of a certain type that purchased a report last year, and then find out if they read the communication?

With a fully integrated web application to manage all your membership functions, you have a real opportunity to know your members and contacts better. Association Online keeps track of all interactions with your website. This allows you to easily target your marketing based on current and historical information. You can send communications to those members and contacts you think will be most interested. Send to just your Silver members. Send to members who downloaded a particular document. Send to event attendees that aren’t members – think of the possibilities…

You can send out professionally formatted email communications based on either pre-defined templates, or using your own design – great for association newsletters. Each communication can be automatically personalised for the recipient.

What’s more, you can see how well your communication worked! Find out how many opened the sent messages and find out if they came back for another look. Discover what articles were popular from a newsletter. You can generate overall delivery and readership details and graphs, or drill right down to check on the results for an individual.

All this information can help you better plan, prioritise, and target your marketing efforts, and the services that you deliver.