I wish I could easily publish forms for users to complete

Providing standard forms on your website such as complaints, suggestions, feedback, and general enquiries not only looks professional, but helps streamline your management of this information.

With Association Online, you can create your own rich forms and publish them to your website. You can then automatically send submitted forms to the right recipient, and monitor whether or not the form has been actioned. You can perform queries on submitted forms to help analyse desired information, such as complaints submitted by a particular person, or suggestions submitted about a particular topic.

Forms can contain features such as plain text inputs, formatted inputs, drop down boxes, radio buttons and checkboxes. They can also allow users to upload file attachments with the form.

If desired, you can add a security code feature to your forms. This displays a random set of letters and numbers to the user which they must enter before submitting the form. This prevents rogue internet users writing automatic routines to submit numerous forms to your website.