I wish our Business or Members Directory was easy to publish

Publishing a directory of selected contacts or members can be a valuable service for your association, and can provide you with an additional revenue stream. In the past, this could add an additional management overhead for you to administer.

Using the optional Search Directory service within Association Online, you can easily publish a members or contacts directory to either the public (e.g. for advertising), or just your membership base (e.g. for networking).

The Search Directory uses selected information that Directory Participants enter in their contact details for your website. Both individual and organisational contacts can elect whether they wish to appear in the Directory. You can restrict listings to just members of a particular member type, and can require additional fees for appearing in the directory. You have control over the format for how listed profiles appear in the Directory.

To ensure profiles stay up to date, and hence relevant to search users, profiles can be automatically archived if they haven’t been updated for a nominated time period. Directory Participants can be notified beforehand to give them a chance to update their profile before it’s archived. They can also receive regular updates on how often they are listed in search results, how often their profile is viewed, and how many enquiries have resulted from the search.

As the name suggests, the Search Directory provides rich search facilities to help users find the contact they’re after. This includes hierarchical segmentation variables (such as on product or service offered), and location representation using Google maps. Search results can be presented in distance-based order, and can be restricted to a nominated distance from the postcode searched on.

To help you monitor search activity, the Search Directory has integrated reports allowing you to monitor the types of searches performed, and the profiles being viewed.