I wish I could keep track of my members and contacts better

Professional associations often find keeping member and contact details up to date is a laborious task, with a big paper trail. Forms come in, contact details are illegible or incomplete, and you need to chase down more information. Then once you’ve got all the information and entered it in one system, you need to go and enter it again in your other systems. When you find out contact details have changed, you have to go through all your systems and change the details again. To add to the chaos, you have no idea when you send out correspondence if it actually got to them.

Not surprisingly, getting a big picture look at what your members and contacts are doing seems a pipe dream.

Get Members and Contacts working for you

With Association Online, members and contacts can update their own contact details and membership on your website rather than relying on you to do it. We cater for both individual and organisational contact details. You can decide what information you want them to enter, and which information will be mandatory – no more missing information!

A member or contact only needs to enter their details in one location. Once entered, event and conference registrations, newsletter subscriptions, product purchases, invoices, and all other services automatically know what the details are. What’s more, if they update their details, all services automatically know the new details with no hassle too.

Association Online enables you to drive most communications through emails, and track contacts that haven’t accessed the information so you can follow-up. What’s more, with most communications now through email, you’re saving paper and postage costs, and saving time stuffing envelopes!

Understand what Members and Contacts are doing

Suddenly, with all information about a member or contact linked together, and a history of all their transactions stored, you can start understanding their interactions with your association better.

For example if someone signs up for a newsletter, registers for an event, and makes a purchase, you can see this was the same person, not three separate ones. You can see which contacts are having multiple interactions with your association over time, and which were one-time contacts.

You can also find out if contacts are going in and out of memberships from year to year, and try to find out why. Maybe you’ll find with biennial conferences, that people are becoming members just before the conference to get discounted conference fees, then dropping out until the next conference, or find other cyclical trends.