I wish professional development achievements were easy to track

Supporting members’ professional development is vital to the credibility of many professional associations. Encouraging or requiring continuous professional development as a condition of membership can help promote your association’s standing in the eyes of members, their profession and those that use their services. Managing and tracking professional development activities can be a cumbersome process for both members and association administrators.

Association Online makes it easy to track professional development for your members. It manages the ongoing cycle of continuous professional development.

Activity categories can be setup including items such as association delivered training, external training, attending conferences and performing self study.

When defining the point system, you can allocate a different number of points to each activity category.

Multiple goals can be set and each member type allocated different goals. Goals could include targets such as completing enough activities within a timeframe, or gaining a number of points from different categories.

Points can be recorded through a combination of automatic and manual updates. When members’ attendance at an event or conference is confirmed, their professional development activity is automatically incremented. Members and administrators can also manually record additional professional development activities, which you can elect to verify.

Members can track their own progress through their “My Professional Development” area on your website. You can track an individual members’ progress towards a goal, and if required prevent membership renewal if the goal has not been achieved.

You can perform audits on selected or random members for all or some activities. You can also perform various queries to obtain a broader overview of activities undertaken and points earned.