I wish my members were communicating with each other

With the abundance of online networking sites, it can be difficult for associated professionals to connect with each other – how do they decide where to go? The most logical place of course is on your association’s website.

Association Online provides best practice methods for your members to interact, learn from each other, and help promote their profession online. This is an amazing way for you to add value to them and ensure your association’s relevance to members.

Basic communication offerings include advertising job vacancies, and sharing and reviewing professional papers.

Professional Networking

To really help your members connect and lead them into a new era of association membership, you can use the optional professional networking module. This extends all the options you expect of a social networking site into the professional arena. You can provide this to all members, a specific membership type, or let members and contacts subscribe so you can receive additional revenue.

With professional networking, members can setup their own profile page. Here they can include their picture, outline their expertise and interests, provide status updates and blog. They can share photos, diagrams and videos.

Members can create their own communities. This could be for special interest groups, communities of practice, conference attendees, general discussions, professionals that know each other, or for any other purpose. Membership of the communities can be open to all professional network members, or by invitation only. Community members can participate in discussions. They can also watch a particular discussion and get automatically notified of new entries. Participants can elect to have their membership in a community displayed to other members and can receive an automatic notification when a new member joins their community.

The Professional Networking area includes a Latest Activity section which is a real-time, dynamic activity feed of everything happening across the network, including status updates from members.

Of course the administrators can monitor what is going on in the network. They can access all network areas and are notified automatically when a member creates a new community. While content is self-moderated by members, members can report inappropriate content to the administrators.

As connection possibilities keep growing, we keep adding more professional networking capabilities. Associations with the Professional Networking option automatically receive the benefits of additional features without having to keep up to date with the latest technology trends.