I wish I did not have to worry about running servers and PC software

Think about all the technology and related requirements needed to run your membership functions and website currently. You probably have:

1 or more physical servers installed

  • with the worry that some component of the hardware might fail.
  • Potentially backup hardware in case of such failure.
  • Warranties to maintain.
  • An upgrade cycle to think about to ensure the hardware remains current.
  • Computer technician at call in case something fails.
  • Storage space and infrastructure to connect it to your network.

Operating systems for the physical servers

  • With an upgrade and patch cycle to maintain to ensure it remains secure.
  • Regular server administration tasks to perform, probably by an external administrator.
  • Monitoring that the server remains up.
  • Additional associated server utilities.
  • Warranties and support to maintain

Databases and Applications on the servers

  • Probably multiple, disconnected databases and applications
  • Support packages for each of them
  • Upgrade cycles with associated costs and management overhead
  • Backup processes to manage for each, and offsite storage is probably not even considered


  • Perhaps with its own servers and operating system to maintain
  • Hard to update when you want.

PC Applications for Membership Services

  • Probably multiple, disconnected applications
  • Need to be installed on each PC
  • Support package for each of application for each PC
  • Upgrade cycles with associated costs and management overhead

With Association Online, you can forget about all of it!

You’re in the business of servicing your members because that’s what you’re great at. You shouldn’t have to worry about being technology experts too.

When using Association Online

  • You can access, enter and analyse member services from a central place - anywhere, anytime.
  • You can conveniently store all your documentation.
  • You receive economy of scale benefits by sharing server infrastructure with other organisations.
  • You web application is hosted in purpose-built facilities at the iPrimus data centre.
  • You don’t need to purchase or manage server hardware, operating systems or monitoring tools.
  • Backups occur automatically for you, and are regularly stored offsite.
  • You receive regular upgrades automatically as part of the service, no need to plan or pay more, they just happen.
  • There’s no need to install any PC software, it all operates through a browser interface.